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to FANACULAR, the fanlisting collective of Brenda. If you don't know what a fanlisting is, they are sites run by fans of whatever subject their website is about. The goal is to find out how many other fans exist of the same subject. Fanlistings are fun and completely free to join. Please check out the place that lists all fanlistings, The Fanlistings Network, to get an even better idea of how the whole thing works.

This site houses a total of 16 listings, with 0 on upcoming. There are 5722 fans currently listed throughout the collective, while 0 is/are waiting to be added. I've also joined 175 listings and link to 35 affiliates.

March 7, 2012: Finished Donnie Wahlberg
September 29, 2011: Finished Gerbils
April 27, 2011: Finished Seasons
January 25, 2011: Finished Saw series
September 28, 2010: Finished Inception

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