Stare at You Lyrics

I still get lost, Caught in a daze.
Tounge tied just like the very first day, I saw you,
And I'm so amazed.
Cause the look that got me twisted still hasn't changed.
Sexy eyes never lie, baby I lose my self when they open,
Girl Forget about going out baby I'd rather melt, So I'm hopin

Chours: I could just stare at you forever Oh baby,
I could be here with you doing whatever My lady.
It's not the way you look that brings me to my knees
It's the way you look at me.
I could just stare at you forever, If forever you will stare at me.
What do you see, I can't figure it out.
You're talking to my heart without making a sound.
I can't lose when I'm caught in your eyes,
I feel like sumperman got me up in the sky.
Sexy eyes never lie, Baby I lose my ground. You're so gorgeous.
Forget about going out, Baby I want you now.

*repeat chorus*

Oh baby keep the lights on, I'm gonna stare at you all night long.
We'll keep rockin till the sun shines waiting until moon light to do it again.

*Repeat chorus*