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Courtesy of Tracey's Jon

Known as the "reluctant kid" Jon was born Jonathan Rashleigh Knight in November 1968.   Jon and his brother, fellow New Kid, Jordan Knight grew up in a very busy household.  Their mother was a social worker and often took on foster children.   Growing up Jon had ambitions to work in real estate. Jon's musical aspirations began in his childhood.  Like his brother Jordan and his other siblings, Jon used to sing in the local church choir.  He and Jordan became head co-choristers.  He describes this experience as "probably one of the greatest experiences" of his life. In 1984 Jon joined the first boy-band of the 90's New Kids On The Block.  As a member of the group, Jon was known for his shyness.  The other members would often have to leave the room when Jon sang his parts on New Kids songs.  Maurice Starr did manage to get him to sing lead on two of the New Kids songs, "White Christmas" and "Happy Birthday".  Some fans were drawn to him because of his shyness, as well as his good looks. There had been numerous rumours and reports floating around suggesting that Jon was unhappy being a new kids and wanted to quit.  These were repeatedly denied at the time.  However, in 1993 he quit New Kids On The Block. Nowadays, Jon can be found realising his childhood dream of working in real-estate.  He is the only former member of New Kids On The Block who seems to not have aspired for celebrity status post-NKOTB. 

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