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Courtesy of DannyWoodsEmpire.Com

The Second member to join the group was Danny Wood because Donnie felt his best friend should audition.  A friend that has known him since grade school, and all through middle school.  The body builder of group the one that was always trying to get the other guys to eat healthy.  He was the "Health Nut" , I can just see him doing that.  Danny the second oldest in the group was also the clown anytime he was with Donnie.  But also he had these characteristics about him that made him stand out.  He was sweet, good looking and always generous to his fans giving of himself and never asking for much, just that we keep supporting the group.  Danny the one who always seemed to be outgoing is still going strong.  Danny is trying to get an acting career together like pal Donnie Wahlberg.  Now Danny has a wife, his son, two daughters and a stepson.  It is hard to believe that the guys are all grown up and with families of their own.  They finally found happiness, especially Danny, what a guy, his wife is got to be the luckiest girl on the planet or is he the lucky one?  I bet either way they are glad to have one another and their family!  He lives in Florida and has done a movie called "Deveria" and released his debut album "Room Full of Smoke" and Damage Productions  his record company, and a second album called "Second Face" soon to be released.    We can hardly wait to see what Danny has in store for us now.  He in the past has worked with young artists like Pete Masitti and is working with different artists and music producers to get his music to the fans that still love him. Danny has an official site so go and check it out!  We hope Danny all the best in life and can't wait till we see him again some day.  Which for some is real soon, how about a tour Danny, you and Pete!!!!

Room Full of Smoke album -1999
Deveria -2001
Room Full of Smoke Vol. 2 album -2003 (purchase it HERE)
Second Face -To be released July 22, 2003

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